Late last year, the company decided to look beyond the pizzas and tortillas and experimented with confectionary products and the results were a mouthwatering range of cookies and delicous choclate brownies.
The Company produces a range of Cookies in the following flavours:
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Triple Choclate- plain, Dark and White
  • White Chocolate and Cranberry
  • Toffee and Ginger
Cookies are frozen – Ready to bake and can come in a range of sizes from 30g up to 80g.
The Company is more than happy to make bespoke cookies for any customer enquiries.
Delicious Brownies are made only using the highest quality ingredients- the key ingredients being Chocolate.Again, Brownies can come in a range of sizes and the Company are happy to make bespoke Brownies for any customer enquiries.